Who we are

To build trust in cryptocurrencies, and to support mainstream adoption, Sealance has assembled the world’s most visionary team of cryptographers, currency inventors, privacy pioneers, blockchain experts, mathematicians, security officers, lawyers, and Web3 ambassadors. This team is building a comprehensive platform that the cryptocurrency industry can use to ensure privacy, verify identities, and enforce compliance. It’s called The Sealance Trust Platform.

Dr. Shlomit Azgad-Tromer

Co-founder and CEO

Shlomit is Sealance’s Co-founder, CEO and Chief Legal Officer. Her publications on financial regulation have been published in the Harvard Business Law Review, American University Law Review, and New York University Law Review (Online). She served as general counsel at Israel’s largest institutional investor, Meitav Dash, was a research associate at Columbia Law School and holds a PhD in law from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Matthew Green

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Matt is a researcher in cryptography and security, as well as a professor of computer science. He specializes in applied cryptography, privacy-enhanced information storage, blockchains, and zero-knowledge proofs. He is a founding scientist of the Zcash privacy-preserving currency and coauthored its cryptographic protocols. Matt holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Eran Tromer

Co-founder and CTO

Eran is a researcher and professor of computer science, working on privacy, cryptography, and information security. He is an author of the seminal research papers on zk-SNARKs and their blockchain applications, and a founding scientist of the Zcash privacy-preserving currency. Eran holds a PhD from Weizmann Institute of Science and has pursued his research at Columbia University, MIT, Tel Aviv University and Microsoft Research.

Dr. Diogo Monica

Co-founder and President, Anchorage
Advisor & Board Director, Sealance

Diogo is the Co-founder and President of Anchorage Digital, the first regulated crypto bank and is an acknowledged leader in institutional adoption and regulation of crypto. He received his PhD in computer science at Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal, and serves as a Sealance board member and expert advisor on institutional adoption.

Or Noyman

Blockchain Team Lead

Or is passionate about web3/crypto, privacy-preserving technology, and self-sovereign identity. He spent several years working in the banking industry, establishing and leading the enterprise blockchain R&D center at Citi and spearheading the adoption of modern key management solutions based on multi-party computation protocols for JP Morgan’s flagship blockchain projects. Or holds a BSc from Tel Aviv University.

Yaniv Finkelshtein

Blockchain Developer

Yaniv is a computer engineer and graduate of the Haifa University School of Law. He has extensive experience in the fintech industry as a developer, and has a great passion for architecture, development, and all things web3.

Alexey Gribov

Cryptography Architect

Alexey is a cryptography Engineer at Sealance. Prior to his work at Sealance he worked as a cryptography engineer at Symbiont. His primary interest is in the application of cryptographic techniques to real-world problems. Alexey holds a PhD in Mathematics from Moscow University.

Nadav Peled

Blockchain Developer

Nadav is a blockchain developer at Sealance. He is an experienced full-stack developer, autodidact, and crypto/web3/ZKP enthusiast.

Hisham Galal

Cryptography Engineer

Hisham is a cryptography engineer at Sealance. His main research interest is tackling privacy issues in blockchain using zero-knowledge proofs and prior to joining Sealance, he was a cryptographer at RAILGUN. Hisham holds a PhD in Computer Science from Concordia University. 

Our Advisors

Jai Ramaswamy

Chief Legal Officer, a16z
Regulatory Advisor, Sealance

Jai is currently the Chief Legal Officer at Andreessen Horowitz. Previously Jai was Chief of the Asset Forfeiture & Money Laundering Section of the US DoJ’s Criminal Division. He serves as a regulatory advisor to Sealance.

Joey Garcia

Director of Public Affairs, Xapo Bank
Policy Advisor, Sealance

Joey was recognized by Chambers & Partners as one of the top 12 lawyers in the world in blockchain. He is a Director of the Xapo Bank and a specialist consultant to the United Nations in respect of virtual assets. He is a founding member of the European think tank (thinkBlocktank) and a member of the Digital Chamber of Commerce in Washington. He serves as a policy advisor at Sealance.

Dr. Marek Olszewski

Co-Founder and CTO, cLabs
DeFi Advisor, Sealance

Marek is a co-founder of the Celo Protocol, CTO at cLabs, and President of Valora, an easy-to-use mobile wallet built on Celo. Earlier, he co-founded Locu, a machine learning venture-backed company that was acquired by GoDaddy. He is also an MIT PhD alumni and serves as a DeFi Advisor to Sealance.

Our investors

Sigal Mandelker

General Partner, Ribbit Capital

Sigal is a leader in crypto regulation. Prior to Ribbit, she served as Under Secretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. As Under Secretary, Sigal supervised four main components of Treasury (OFAC, FinCEN, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, and the Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes).

Michael Novogratz

Founder and CEO, Galaxy Digital

Mike is the Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital. He is a wall street veteran and leader on bringing crypto to institutional investors and main street finance.

Michael Shaulov

Co-Founder and CEO, Fireblocks

Michael is a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur and investor. Pioneer in bringng DeFi to institutional investors.

Balaji Srinivasan


Balaji is a pioneer and thought leader in decentralized finance. He is a former general partner at a16z moving on to become a serial entrepreur, innovator and angel investor in web3. He holds a PhD from Stanford in CS.

Ria Bhutoria

General Partner at Castle Island Ventures

Ria brings deep expertise in crypto, in digital assets and research from her roles as Director of Research at Fidelity Digital Assets and previously a senior Research Analyst at Circle. Crypto enthusiast and frequent speaker on institutional adoption and compliance in DeFi.